Zaanse Schans


Zaanse schans is the name of a group of villages in Holland, still existing in the present days, but built in the 16 th century. The typical little green houses were taken as an example and were rebuilt for the virtual world.


Village and market.

Zaanse Schans is made for those who like to collect things,  farming , earn money , and buy products with the earned money. Players can get a free pouch, and in this pouch you  can collect all kinds of things. There are fields and cattle on the island. Crops can be sold at the market, the players receive florens and the money can be spent in the little shop in the village, or at the weekly market on Port Celyddon.

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The unity system has been used to provide players all they need: as been said, cattle, fields, herbs, wells , and on the island is a Dutch windmill for making flour out of grain, and an oven for making all kinds of food.


Grain mill, cheese farm and fields

In role play, the Zaanse Schans inhabitants trade, ship their products ( legal and illegal) and the Port Celyddon and Continental Navy is controlling the Dutch colony intense, for their reputation of smuggling. The Dutch have special ships for this purpose and many sea battles have been seen… and it seems their gold is hidden in the caves.

The Dutch colony has to deal with pirate attacks too. Lots of plundering and attacks of merchant ships.  Their gold reserves, hidden in the caves, are the main reason pirates, and also privateers, visit their island.

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