Sailing and Melee

Approved ships for sailing battles on BPS:

  • Statenjacht Utrecht & Statenjacht Amsterdam, VOC Batavia  from Bridget Jennings shipyard
  • All ships of Loose Cannon Shipyard ( See Modee Parlez pics )

If you want to join all the events , or just want to explore the oceans , it might be useful to read the next info.

For the sailing battles we have special designed ships in all shapes and classes. They are scripted with the so called ” SPD” scripts. From little gunboats to galleons, whatever you like to sail. We have two shops offering you the quality ships you need for sailing battles: all ships scripts are made by qualified scripters in SPD sailing scripts and ” approved” for IW sailing battles on the Black Powder & Continental Seas sims.

Bridget Jennings shipyard : click link for the landmark  or slideshow of ships

Builder: Trouble Mooncurser, scripters Bridget Jennings & Christine Nyn . This shop provides typical Dutch ships from golden age period in the Netherlands , like Statenjacht and VOC Batavia merchant ship.  Cannons, gadgets and free themed furniture. IW swim HUD with mer animations , and IW fishing contest system  made by Judy Dressler and Trouble Mooncurser.


Friday FFA : four ships in battle

For all events on Black Powder Sea are the so called SPD ships required. For the ones who are new into sailing: see the video below.


For melee we use two different meters : in some occasions the Unity meter, in some cases the SPD meter. Both meters are available at starting points of the events, or they will be given to you. Specialists in Unity Melee are Ballyrae Hanley and Melanie Auxifur, they do melee classes on request.