Sailing and Melee

If you want to join all the events , or just want to explore the oceans , it might be useful to read the next info.

For the sailing battles we have special designed ships in all shapes and classes.They are scripted with the so called ” SPD” scripts. From little gunboats to galleons, whatever you like to sail. On Black Powder Sea we have one shipyard who can provide you a SPD ship:

-Bridget Jennings shipyard : click link for the landmark



Friday FFA : four ships in battle

For all events on Black Powder sea are the so called SPD ships required. For the ones who are new into sailing: see the video below.


What if your not interested in the sailing skills, but just want to move around in a ship you can sail very easy?  InWorldz has especially for sailors who want to explore all oceans ” the Great InWorldz Discovery tour” which provides players a free ship and maps of the oceans. Click this link to get to the docks and you are ready to go.

For melee we use two different meters : in some occasions the Unity meter, in some cases the SPD meter. Both meters are available at starting points of the events, or they will be given to you.