Saturday 17 feb music event at Port Celyddon

Love is Dangerous event at Port Celyddons wonderful romance ballroom. We continue a tradition from last year. The Woodelves and maids have insisted … Music, dancing and maybe a little magic. Who knows?!

Wonderful selection by our host Countess Melanie. Music starts at 12:30pm until Late. Everyone welcome and dress to impress X

Ballyrae Hanly and Melanie Auxifur

Monday 6 th of feb 

Wee folks arrived on Lepers and built their docks and tavern. Life will be never the same again at BPS & CS sims….

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-05 om 23.59.37

Read all about the Rabid Pink Pirates!  RABID PINK PIRATES BLOG

Friday 3 feb Battles results 

Three gallons sailing in Fridays battle , with crew! Captains were Jennifer Law , with Tina as crew member, Modee Parlez with the tinies Snoots and Krei, and captain Tony ” Towee ” Falcon sailing with Animata Potez and Trouble as crew. We saw people doing riverdancing on board , crews yelling over sea , and well its was pretty chaotic, but… winner was Modee with her crew, and it was great fun.

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-03 om 00.47.54

Snoots battle outfit

Tuesday 16 th of jan 

Round one a team battle between dinkies and biggies: Captain Domrey and Steven Strikker against Towee ( captain T Falcons nickname)  , and a new wee one with red hair and punky outfit, looking Troubled.  A fast fight and both biggies were sunk in only 20 minutes . Dinkies rules !!

Round two: FFA with the captains Domrey DeReyes, Tony Falcon, Modee Parlez , Steven Strikker & Trouble .  Hard fight between Steven and Domrey , last two afloat were captain Tony and Trouble , both incapped and finally Tony was the winner.

This battle will be showed in pictures on Rig Toroks blog soon and in IW news video clip made by Benski Trenkins

Wed 10th of jan

IW news will be about BPS& CS this month 10 jan 11.00 AM

Captains and landlubbers, tomorrow, 10 jan, at 11.00 AM IWT IW news will be broad casted. this edition will be about our sims group, the interview will be done by Elenia Lewellyn ( founder of IW ) and captain Steven Strikker of the continentals will be our representative. The interview is broadcast with audience , so u can join the event . See LM attached.
Later this week or month Benski Trenkins will record some battles and sims for the 30 minutes lasting clip.
All welcome to visit the interview !

TP to the shows location

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-10 om 11.08.02

IW news setting of todays show

Extra extra !! Galeon Larmada V2.0 Update
Loose Cannon Ship Yard is proud to announce the release of their newest ship, the “Larmada” V.2 a Galleon Class ship.
The Galleon is a 48 gun, fully functionally, sailing Battle Wagon. This remarkable vessel is the largest SPD sailing ship in IW and can be sailed on any waterway/seaway in IW.

The land impact was reduced by more then 50 LI , scripts were updated.and price seriously reduced !!

An Update will be send to all previous owners asap


Schermafbeelding 2018-01-10 om 10.59.33.png

Sunday 7 th of jan 2018

This weeks battle results:

Wee folks are joining the battles as well. We welcome Ferrator and Animata as new captains ( Dinkies Rule). Also captain Garrett welcome in our group.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-07 om 14.40.33

Who’s guilty on painting Dom s wall? 🙂

Tuesdays winners : Round one was won by Trouble after Captain Tony ( alias Towee ) run ground. Round two was won by Domrey after a glorious battle.

Fridays winners : Round one was won by Domrey , after he was chased by Trouble: but she run ground in the Continentals swamp. Round two was won by Towee, little cat captain, who was sailing smart and waited till all other captains damaged each other and  finally killing the last remaining.

Monday 25 th of december: XMAS WISHES!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

From the Commander, Countess, The Knights and the Huntresses, Captains and Sailors and even the Woodelves!!!

Thank you everyone who roleplayed with us and for some great combats and adventures and we look forward to a great year ahead.

Commander Ballyrae and Countess Melanie


Schermafbeelding 2017-12-25 om 00.30.52.png

Xmas Fair at Batenburg  TELEPORT NOW

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-20 om 12.44.48

This week the Batenburg Xmas fair was set up. Many merchants came to set up their stuff and freebees. An oversight of the offereds discounts , freebees and merchants.

Benski Trenkins  : over 8 different cottages : free

Maximilian Svarovsky :  a very special chrismas built for a very low price

Trouble Mooncurser : Statenjacht Utrecht historical VOC ship is sold with 500 IZ discount: free bottles of rum, christmas sock, fishing gear, Dutch style cute little house ( all free ) and PRIZE OF THE DAY CONTEST BOARD  to win a old Dutch fireplace with kettle.

Tao Dreamscape: Lovely curtains and bed full perm for sale.

Ferrator Montoya : Goggles for free and amazing little pets 🙂

Sea Pearl:  free paintings to decorate your house ( RL art )

Modee Parlez :  Free ice sailer on B wind  ( awsome ! ) , free compass and a gift box

Judy Dressler : her free famous witch broom, dinkies and biggies UFO and parachute

Desmond Lane : Vardo ( untextured ) to experiment for new Gypies

Mesh Lab : INTRODUCTION NEW IN IW : introducing Bento Mesh Avatars and outfits in IW.. special Batenburg Discount for all who buy their first work.

Tanya Matahari : free animated starters skates , a nice skaters dress and christmas hat

All merchants display also other great stuff for sale.

Please enjoy all the great builts you can find here: take hot chocolate, sit near the snowdoll to hear a wonderful tale..and meet the locals for a nice chat.

Many thanks to all the merchants and friends who made it possible to create such a beautyful xmas event for the IW residents.. CHEERS  🙂


Tuesday 19 dec : we been all destroyed by a nasty kraken this time.

Friday 15 dec battle results 

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-16 om 18.53.49

After battle shoot for a nice Christmas wish

Tonight ” pilot and gunner ” battle.  Three ships were sailing , round one were the lads pilots , and the lasses gunners, round two the lasses pilots and the lads gunners.

Round one was won by Captain ” Purple” Tony Falcon and Jennifer Law after a close battle with Captain Stikker and the smuggler Trouble who shot most of her bullets in the sea instead of on ships :D.  Round two was won by Captain Strikker ( gunner this time ) and Trouble , while they were doing a pleasure cruise, Admiral Modee and Domrey got in a heavy fire with captain Tina T and Jennifer. Aproaching the fighting ships Trouble ( drunken as ever ) fell from her ship ( crashed ) and captain Steven finished the battle with bow shots.

Tuesday 12 dec battle results 

Captains sailing: Trace Norton, Modee Parlez ( BC ) Jennifer Law, Domery DeReyes , Tony Falcon and Trouble Mooncurser.

Round one: some captains tried to sneak away this time with more or less succes. We saw captain Falcon hunting Admiral Parlez at Barbary coast and Royal desire , both hiding behind the rocks for the right moment to hit. Some sneaky blue little ship stayed out the battle fire , then sailed up to the last standing, ending up in a furious close fight between captain Falcon and captain Mooncurser . Trouble was lucky and with  only  two HP difference captain Falcon was sunk , leaving miss Mooncurser on her burning ship.

Round two: now different ships entered battle grounds some captains changed strategies:    Admiral Modee chose for one of the navy confiscated native mid class ships to have an equal chance to shoot the little blue nasty VOC ships.  Captain Domrey  did a good job by hunting the smuggler Trouble from the start by almost sinking her.. while sinking on his xebec he left her with 3 HP after a tough fight.  Other captains were damaged heavily in the mean time, but the smart captain Jennifer Law stayed out of the danger zone, so we all could watch the remaining captains Modee, Falcon and Mooncurser sinking , while Jennifer was doing her nails and winning round two. Tons of fun tonight!

Sunday 10 dec 

Christmas in Batenburg!  Trouble’s personal virtual christmas card to you all : do grab the 1 izzie gifts ( Christmas tree, stockings, sledge, snow globe , and more.. ) see the stand near the church.  Have hot chocolate and roasted chessnuts, and .. there is a  skate pond and free skates availble and make a ride in the winter carousel.  SUNDAY EVENING STARTING 12.30 PM  classical music night, by Melanie Auxifur. 

Merry Xmas from Trouble .pngTuesday 5 dec 

Statenjacht Utrecht , see pic below is available now ! TP TO BRIDGETS SHIPYARD


Statenjacht Utrecht has 18 HP,  3 broadsides , to bow cannons and 2 stern cannons, so its middle class.  A small and low ship, so hard to hit for your enemies and fast and dangerous. Available at Batenburg in Bridgets Jennings shipyard shop.

Tuesday 28 nov battle result

Round one : Modee vs Steven Strikker final staying afloat in “who s gonna sink first while burning or be down to 5 HP battle” . Guess who won? See pic..   Round two: team battle : Domrey & Steven vs Jennifer and Tony: glorious victory of Jennifer and Tony!

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-29 om 01.31.20.png

Whos sinking there ?


Music event at sunday 26 th nov 12.30 PM

Clasical Music at Celyddon
Starts 12:30 pm Sunday 26th November. Classic refined and stylish with just a touch of surprise, just like our Countess. Enjoy the music, relax and have fun with friends. Should last about two hours.

Ballyrae Hanly and Melanie Auxifur

Friday’s battle results 25 th of november 

Four captains sailing , Modee, Domrey, Tony and captain Strikker. Tony was blown by a sudden storm at Lost Sea, and Captain Domrey was able to kick the Continentals asses: he was the only one staying afloat. Well done Captain Domrey!

domreys victory

Captain Domrey ( black sails ) damaging the continentals badly

Saturday 18 th of november :

Melanie Auxifur will play in Celyddons ballroom at 12.30 PM .. for the metal , goth and symphonical rock lovers a great evening to join!

Battle results friday 17 nov 

First battle since the BPS sims and continentals are connected! BC was captain ” purple” Tony Falcon, FFA mid class ships. Participants : Steven Strikker, Modee Parlez, Ballyrae Hanley, Trace Norton , Domrey DeReyes , Tony Falcon and Trouble Mooncurser. All captains sailed a great battle , ( some got lost on so much open sea ) Round one ended with a close finish between captain Domrey and captain Falcon ( winner captain Falcon) , second rounds final was a touch fight between several captains all close to sinking .. both Steven Strikker and Trouble fought for their lifes but sadly sunk almost at the same time , leaving the winner captain Falcon with a big smile on his face.

A special hurrah for Captain Trace Norton who had not been sailing for a long time, but he did very well.

Sunday 12 th of november

We are very happy to announce Black Powder sea ” age of sail ” sims are expanding with 8 more sims next week.  The continental navy will add their 2×2 and scenics ( owned by Jennifer Law and Modee Parlez ) and since a month we have captain Domrey DeReyjes with his Maroccan themed sims added as well.

This means for the IW sailing community a huge amount of seas to sail, a connection of two active RP groups, so the region will be filled with activities and battles, themed in the Golden age of sail.

Sims building is work in progress, and i keep u all imformed when were ready for the grand opening.

Friday 7 th of oktober:  Read this hylarious conversation, RP started in Batenburg

Ahoy Captains, Landlubbers and Citizens of Batenburg,

The city of Batenburg entrance to the docks and the north gate are better protected now.
Both have heavily protected doors, and during the night the city doors will be closed , on order of Batenburgs Mayor Miccah Johansson.

Mayor Miccah has the key of the doors and only in rare exceptional cases the city doors will be opened between dark and dawn.

The citizens of Batenburg will be better protected now against the Barbary pirates , who are building on a fortress in the west and rumors say, their ships will sail soon to plunder the city and capture the innocent traders .

Mayor Miccah is looking for ” Schouts bij Nacht : who will guard on the towers and warn the citizens when ships sail in the dark of other suspicious persons who will try to enter the city.

With all respect,

Miccah Johansson
Mayor of Batenburg



I beg to report, that last night the peace and security of Batenberg was disturbed.

As I was securing my house for the night, and checking my shutters, I heard from the west side of the island a great tumult of cannon fire shooting at our walls. I took my blunderbuss to investigate and I saw our great city gate hanging from it’s hinges.

Near this on the ground lay a message in a coarse, uneducated hand. I reproduce it here:


Lord Mayor,

Did you hear me knocking at your gate? This is a warning.

I will return soon to discuss the weekly sum of Gold you intend to pay me to prevent such unpleasantness in the future.



Naturally I hastened to your house to deliver this to you and ask what you intend to do about this most serious matter. I do not feel safe!

Also, the drains on my street need clearing.

Lydia Cremorne


My dear Lydia,

The Mayor thanks you for your communication to him regarding the rogue outlaw renegade Domrey DeReyes, who has been assaulting our peaceful city with cannon fire from out on the water. His idol threats to further damage our fair town with more cannon fire and his attempt to extort the Mayor for gold in order to make him quit, shall fall on empty ears. The mayor will deal with this scoundrel and if he is caught he shall hang from a lamp post for all the citizens to see in the town square, naked except for cheap flip flops which I will personally put on him.

Regarding your drains, alas we are in dispute with the labor union representing sewer and drain cleaners in our town. The union is attempting to politicize their jobs in return for higher wages and access to “loose” women for their weekend pleasure. The Mayor is looking into this matter but so far, has been unable to procure “loose” women..

Thank you for communicating your concerns. The Mayor always values hearing from the peas..err constituents of his fair town! Additionally, The Mayor is always accessible (when he is not drunk and passed out at the feet of Trouble Greeter, who he is disillusionally in love with).


Micah Johanssan,
Esteemed Mayor of Batenburg (A Dutch community not to be confused with Hamburg, Germany).



September 30th 2017

The Rookery Seas & Black Powder Seas Community is proud to announce its 3rd Fleet Day in InWorldz!

The event will be to the benefit of RFL this year!

What Where Who :

Our program and show will take place all day long with battle and sail demonstrations.

All day long there be events such as a Fleet sail By, fireworks, gigs, live performance.

Come see what InWorldz has to offer on sailing and get the most beautiful freebies ever!

– Rezz a Kraken and explore the seas yourself

!! EVERYBODY welcome !!

— Opening Fleet day —

– 01:30 PM > 04:00 PM — Sim Tours, sail & Battle demonstrations

– 04:00 PM > 05:00 PM — Steven Strikker Live + “Jay Law Schooner” Raffle

– 05:00 PM > 05:30 PM — FIRE WORKS (confirmed )

– 05:30 PM > 06:00 PM — Fleet Sail By

– 06:00 PM > 07:30 PM — DJ BigMommaSweets + Izzie Raffle ( 1000 )

– 07:30 PM > 09:00 PM — DJ Griffin & Ashley Martin + Izzie Raffle ( 1000 )

– 09:00 PM > ??:00 AM — Closing Fleet Day

You must discover for yourself !!!!!!!

The Fleet Day Team

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-26 om 12.09.54

20 th sept 2017 

We welcome captain Domrey DeReyes , who bought 4 sims in the west bordering at Amstel and Batenburg, called Barbary Coast, Lost sea , Royal Desire and Tiamat.

1 sept 

Tight pants invasion on the Black Powder sims !

Rookery’s captains visited us yesterday for the friday 4.30  PM FFA mid class sailing battle. A challaging team of players, many good captains! Round one was won by Trouble , after she was lucky to stay afloat incapped while the burning ships of Steven Strikker and Modee Parlez were sinking . Round two was won by Modee , she s been smart hunting other captains sterns. Great battle it was !

Sailing captains: Ballyrae Hanley, Steven Strikker , Jennifer Law, Modee Parlez , Fabienne Koehler , Tina T and Trouble Mooncurser.  Lazy captain Tony Falcon watched the battle while eating popcorn in a hammock.

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-02 om 02.25.59

After battle chat

15 th of august 


Do you have serious questions bothering you? Does he or she still love you? Will you find the treasure or meet that handsome captain?

Miss Lydia Cremorne came to Batenburg and got herself a nice house. She is doing Tarot Readings on request.. she is an ( RL ) experienced reader, you can come to her with RP questions or the more serious ones.. please IM her for your request.

Batenburg’s LATE SUMMER LUNAPARK  is open, offering Caroussel, the Foaming Flask summer tavern and also a place for dancing, Tarot readings, icecream coffee and muffins.  Next week we r planning a dance event there as well.

Melanie Auxifurs dance party at Batenburg

Want to find the smugglers treasure? Rumors say there is a map in a bottle, floating somewhere in the Black Powder sea.
If ya join the contest , u might hook the bottle !

Fishing for a treasure contest TUESDAY 31 th of july 1 PM

How does it work ?

At 1 pm gathering at Batenburg Docks.

U will get a tackle and fishing rod , and u will be told how it all works. Then a 10 minutes contest will be started , where u might catch fish and all kinds of other funny things.
The one who catch most WILL ALSO CATCH THE MAP IN A BOTTLE . In the bottle a map , leading to Zaanse Schans caves. It seems there is a chest hidden that gives a gold bar …. there are more chests giving gold .. florens .. but THE ONE WHO FINDS THE GOLD BAR IS WINNER

So…. come catch fish and rob the smuggles booty :))

Wednesday 12 th of july  Again the rat hunt was won by Melanie , Benski, Trouble and Bally joining as well. Congrats !

Tuesday 4 th of july  People worked hard on the ‘Zaanse schans farms” Lots of wool and apples were sold at the market last weeks. Ships planning a long journey can be given supplies.

Sunday 2 th of july  Dutch VOC has a new flagship, called VOC Batavia. A good ship for intecontinenal journeys and probably a desirable prey for pirates and tax collectors as well.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-27 om 22.41.09Schermafbeelding 2017-06-27 om 22.45.17

Saturday 2 th of july  Another wonderful music event in ‘ Port Celyddon’s ball room ” Lots of music out of the eighties ( preferable Blondie and Sex Pistols) played by Melanie Auxifur.  Special welcome for Rookery Commander Jennifer Law, and the Batenburg local VIP Miccah.

Thursday 22 th of june :  a ” merchant ship ” sailed from Zaanse schans to Balvenie : Celyddon commander Bally was on patrol, shooting without any warning at the poor sailor. Tough fighting at sea, and Celyddon navy lost another ship, the merchant saved the cargo ( why hiding it in the Zaanse Schans caves? ).

FRIDAY 25 TH OF MAY.. a BPS delegation will sail to Rookery sea to show their fighting skills in Rookery 5 Pm battle , captain Ballyrae Hanley , Tony Falcon and Trouble will be sailing there.

14 th of may: grand opening of Tanya Matahari’s shop in Batenburg

Lovely summer dresses , shoes, swimwear and formal dresses for special occasions.

12 th of may 

We welcome miss Cathy Bive as a new renter in Batenburg.


Schermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 14.11.38

19 march:  RELEASE OF IW FISHING CONTEST SYSTEM ON BPS SIMS:  read all about fishing in IW

 PORT CELYDDON’S MUSIC EVENT AT SUNDAY  Thrill to a medley of RnB and Soul music at the Celyddon Ballroom now becoming famous for the care and quality of the music selections. DJ Melanie Auxifur will start proceedings at 1:30 pm on Sunday . Bring yourself, bring a friend and don’t be to surprised if wild things happen!


  • 24 sept : Rat Hunt winner : Melani Auxifur , number two : Charles Vane
  • Saturday FFA winner : Trouble Mooncurser
  • A pouch with florens had been donated for the leper and is on the docks of Leper colony. On sunday we expect a merchant ship with more valuables for the store on Zaanse Schans.
  • 26 sep    Captain  TwoEagles Swansong came to live at Batenburg , he likes to do RP after he settled in InWorldz .
  • 29 sept Rat hunt : two winners today : Ballyrae Hanley and Melanie Auxiful ended ex aequo… but …. Bally was invisbile for the killer rat … now who was drunk tonight ? The rat or the hunter ? 😀   We think it was only Bally’s ghost running around!
  • 29 sept : new renter in Black Powder Sea : we welcome miss Luna Silvercloud , she owns an island at Leper Colony.
  • 4 oct :  first MARKET DAY AT PORT CELYDDON ( for details look at events calender )
  • 7 oct : Port Celyddon’s carrots are very popular… and someone stole commander Bally’s coins.   Unusual activity is seen in Zaanse Schans windmill, ladies are busy with baking bread.
  • This weeks Rats hunt is again won by Melanie. It was a very bad week for the rats , especially for the Killer Rat who was shot many times.
  • NEW PRODUCTS IN ” SINKEL” shop :   ( shipment arrived safely )  – perfumed soap – copper bath tub – oriental food – halloween pumpins from Dutch soil – halloween bottles for your potions and poisons – vanilla and chocolate muffins on a plate- and a nice broom to keep your house free from dust. Get your florens and buy 🙂
  • FRIDAY FFA …. Port Celyddon won the ffa .. commander Bally did not drink that much this night, he did not receive his weekly gifts .. ( barrels with Ale )
  • 9 oct  : a castle was built at Balvenie bay..  there will be masqued balls and life performances soon.  We invite all nobles from the early Victorian age, the smugglers and the pirates to explore the place.balvenie-castle
  • 11 oct : Market day :  commander Bally announcing he needs provision for a long journey, and a new trader Miss Goody Bag had some food to sell.. sadly an unknown captain Tsunami, offered more coins then the Navy… also they talked about a rumor there is a dragon living in Zaanse Schans caves , named Theodoor, protecting the gold of Miss Mooncurser, who forgot where she left it. Celyddon offers a new giant apple race.. named MacCelyddon.
  • 14 oct:  rumors say there is a pirate group called Sellsails Pirates , have plans to connect the Black Powder sims ,  is it to plunder ???? They will sent little ships to observe the place … we better be alert!
  • 15 okt : friday’s FFA winner: commander Ballyrae Hanly won after an epic battle where captain Tony was sunk by accident and Trouble had a close finish , with only 1 hp difference the Celyddon navy won! After this the captains drank rum on the docks , and Tony Falcon decided to join Celyddon’s navy : see captain Bally’s speach :Friends, Navy Countrymen and the odd lass and smuggler!! Lend me yur ears and and silver you have! For today I come to praise a brave sailor Captain Tony. He has shown remarkable valour in only sinking very very slowly.. I true triumph that earns great reward : A navy Commision : the right to tax and spank smugglers where ever they may be!!!!  Shake them till there eyes pop and their money drops!! Tony “unsinkable”  Falcon you are now an officer and a gentlemen!! Captain Tony has joined the Celyddon navy!!!   horrah! horrah! horrah!!!!! Uphold the law and get rich with tax!!!
  • 2 nov:  Zaanse Schans merchants sailed to new lands to explore and arrived in a country called Highgarden , giving the Lady and the Lord some fine wool as a gift to open oppertunities to trade. Highgarden is at war and it was a risky journey to sail in unarmed , but the mission was succesful and  Merchants were give permission to sail the waters there, but they  are not  protected against sailors attacks from enemies. ( if you want to explore the place, walk in Zaanse Schans caves and step in the boat.
  • 9 nov:  We welcome captain Eduard Milev ! He is building a fortress on Leper island, for the Royal Coast Guard, settling in the Black Powder region.
  • 11 nov : Friday FFA was Epic !! Sailing captains : Ballyrae Hanly, Tony Falcon, RoDen Kilian, Eduard Milev, Charles Vane , Trouble Mooncurser. Round one: winner captain Ballyrae. Round two: captain Charles Vane.


    Eduards ship on fire… Tony’s Purple sails with holes 🙂 and Bally and Vane attacking.

  • 17 nov : friday FFA : round one winner : Trouble round two winner: Trouble . Stormy seas made captain RoDen  collide on Zaanse Schans shores …
  • 2 dec:  Battle of the Fortress! Several ships attacked a fortress, set up by the coastal guard. The fort was heavily defended , but…. the sailors won and it exploded in front of the eyes of all.
  • sunday 19 th of december … IW cruise will visit the Black Powder simsschermafbeelding-2016-12-16-om-23-54-06

  • Winter came  and turned Black Powder into White Powder . schermafbeelding-2016-12-18-om-01-14-11
  • 21 Dec Rat hunt: wont by Melanie Auxifur. The killer Rat has been cought by Tony Falcon , been hang up at her tail, but released afterwards.
  • 25 Dec Christmas : at Port Celyddon was given a wonderful Christmas concert , located in an Airship, Melanie Auxifur played wonderful classical music for the BP residents. It was a nice gathering, Christmas with friends, warm wishes , nice winter vieuws from out of the sky above Port Celyddon, and well chosen music. We wont forget Christmas Day 2016 !schermafbeelding-2016-12-25-om-23-31-24
  • 27 th of december : Saturday FFA at 1 will be once in two weeks, the other week will be  Captain Eduard Milevs event, where ships will attack a fortress. ROE will follow soon.
  • 30 th of december : Impromptu FFA was won by commander Ballyrae..and ( almost) disturbed by a Tuna Bandit. Sailing conditions were wonderful, hardly no lag and good crossings.
  • 31 december   STARTING AT 3 AM IW time :  NEW YEARS MUSIC MARATHON  by Melanie Auxifur, the stream will be played on all Black Powder s sims.  HAPPY 2017  to all !!
  • 7 th of Jan SATURDAY FFA  round one : won by captain Tony Falcon after Ramming the smugglers ship.  Round two: won by Trouble Mooncurser, ( one smuggler against two Navy captians …. seems smuggers are dangerous 😀 )
  • 10 th of jan : THE LUNA SILVERCLOUD SKATING COMPETITION .Watch the following video to see it all    Skating contest video
  • 16 th of jan : welcome captain Quintus Beaumont ! He is renting a part of Leper Colony, building his docks and house. Welcome Quintus!
  • 24 jan   NEW ROLL OUT NEXT WEEK , CAPTAINS, TEST YOUR SHIPS Ahoy sailors , at IW sandbox 5 & 6 you have the possibility to test your ships performance with the new roll out changes .( Statenjacht was doing excellent ) Please join the testing and post your remarks here , so if there are Troubles , they can examine them.  post your comments here
  • 28 jan : three ships attacking a fortress! Hard work to make the fortress burn, but the navy and smugglers worked together and succeeded.
  • 31 jan Go check Rig Toroks blog : he sailed to Black Powder sea. Rig ‘s blog
  • 10 feb NEW SIM AT BLACK POWDER SEA ….AMSTEL HARBORSchermafbeelding 2017-02-12 om 03.07.32.pngWelcome merchants of diamonds , jewels, gold and other valuables from the far east! It is from out of this harbor the VOC Galleons sail to the east, and it is at this place , where they store their cargo and make their profits. The best diamonds are for sale here, the VOC headquarters and the States General of the 7 Dutch provinces residence is to be found here. Services : doctor : consultancy every day 2 Pm: Cafe ” de Bolle serves drinks to all , and meet the friendly city inhabitants.
  • 14 feb — An Invitation —New Season Event 17th February 2017 12:30 pm IWT Time to relax in nice company and enjoy Countess Melanies fine selection of ‘soft and romantic’ music. Wonderful surroundings perhaps a close friend and dancing, it’s something special. Dress to Impress!Ballyrae Hanly & Melanie Auxifur
  • 18  feb saturday FFA both rounds were won by Trouble Mooncurser .  A great premier entrance of captain Noah Mason , who was able to sink some captains in his first battle! Great job .schermafbeelding-2017-02-28-om-00-07-56
  • 28 jan: picture above  ( credits to Benski Trenkins ) : impromptu battle between Celyddon navy and pirates and smugglers: Pirate Noah picked up a drunken smuggler after sinking her.
  • Captain Eduard Milev is due to RL cirkumstances not able to be with us a lot, but he sents us messages now and then and so far he is doing fine. Black Powder navy and smugglers decided to support the coast guard till he will be able to be in full service again.
  • 5 march : NEW SIM ONLY FOR SAILINGWe have one more sim to sail! Between Masego cove, and ocean 53, we have now MASEGO OCEAN! Black Powder sea regions have now 31 sailable sims all together.

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