Leper Colony


( credits for Miss Luna Silvercloud for decorating )

Lepra , a terrible disease , was common in the past amongst sailors and travellers. The only way for community to stop the disease was to isolate the leper. They were dropped on a deserted island called Leper Colony, in former days inhabited by miners. Also criminals were scentenced to stay on the island. Nowadays the leper hide in the old mines, and some old pirate captains ( criminals? ) built cottages there.

Its a good habit to drop some food or coins at the docks for the leper: they say, it brings luck on long sea travels.

The labyrynth of old mines are famous amongst treasure seekers. It offers 12 different sorts of gemstones and minerals. Hunters come from all over the grid to find them despite risking a meeting with the leper and other lost souls. The gold  and minerals have some magical attraction on them.


Wonderful gemstones can be found in the mines of Leper colony!

Enter the mine, ( TELEPORT ) and you will find a Unity pouch. (It’s free, no worries.) Wear it and get your pickax and lamp for “the good looks”. You  need to wear the pouch because it registers what you find.

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Explore the channels and you probably will see some stones in the walls, floors, or ceilings. When you find one, make sure you are standing close, click the stone.. and you got the treasure! After clicking it, the stone disappears. Yes, the minerals need to grow again. Don’t get lost in there.. you might find some scary things in the tunnels as well. Be alert.

With your stones you can craft nice  swords and jewelry. The silver, copper and gold ( YES, THERE IS GOLD ) can be used for trading. The jewels and the rough stones are on display in this little shop:  TELEPORT

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Pirate sword with Olivine, Azurite or Opal eye

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Necklaces with all kinds of gemstones

To get the swords and jewelry, you need different amounts of stones. Some stones are rare, some are common, so take a look at the price list below. It means you need to collect different amounts of the same stone in some cases, to get the necklaces and stones.

Once you have collected stones, go to the shop, stand close to the necklace you want and click it. After clicking, the amount of stones you need to give will be revealed. Click your pouch, press the USE button, fill in the name of the required object and amount, and … woooot … the jewels are yours.

The gemstones have healing powers. People wearing the Unity meter (free to find on Zaanse Schans Docks), after finding stones, will experience growing health. CAUTION.. one of the stones is poisonous.

The list below shows the character of the stone and its “price” (the amount of stones you need to collect for crafting a necklace of your choice).

Name, Price, Healing effect

Turquoise  4       heals pain of the heart
Tigereye     2       protection against fears
Opal Viens 5       stimulates creativity
Opal shard 1       stone of wisdom
Olivine        4       brings luck in trade
Diaboleite  6       brings victory in sea battles
Gold            8       ( gold in quartz stone ) bringer of wealth
Cryolyte     1       gives self consciousness
Cinnabar   5       poisonous. Give it to your enemies
Azurite      3        heals memory problems
Aluminia  1         brings happiness


In the mines u can find coal and iron ore as well. You need to collect at least 4 of each of them , and take them to the BLACKSMITH  , on the eastern part of Leper Colony. You will find a clay melter , where you can melt the iron ore and get the iron ingots you need for blacksmithing.  Instructions you need for the melter are easy to find. After the melting process, walk in the blacksmiths house, and u you will find the scripted sword ( and other objects in future). Use your pouch, ( use button ) and your sword is given to you.

This sword is scripted with the Unity scripts and ready for using in Melee and tournaments. Wonderful animations and sounds as well.

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Leper colony sea life : Mers and treasures, oysters and pearls.