Webshop & Rentals

Some of the buildings, houses, ships and more u see on the sims are for sale on the marketplace. Go see..


Market place: ships, houses and souvenirs from the Black Powder sims.

Still no account for the IW Marketplace : TP to a terminal IW Marketplace Terminal , create your account, and your ready to go.

There are several rentals abailable, see the Leper Colony and Batenburg sims.

Batenburg rentals  100 prims : free: two room little house in Batenburg. How to rent? Walk around, if u find a house with no name on it, its available . Make a LM and sent this to Trouble Mooncurser, she will make your name on the house and hands u a welcome box with all you need as a newcomer. ( free furniture as well )

Leper Colony Rentals  Two cottages for rent with lots of land surrounding. 1000 prims for 1024 Izzies a month. See pics below ; IM Trouble Mooncurser for details and reservations.