Farming & trading

BRIEF INTRODUCTION IN FARMING AND TRADING  ( please watch  the picture gallery first )

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Are u interested in the farming and trading system we use at our sims but never had the time to learn from experience to find out how it works ? Here is some useful information.

First : visit the sim Zaanse Schans  and walk to the harbor, where you find some market stands. One of them will give you the Unity System Pouch ( yes no worries , thats for free ) and the Unity Meter.

How do I use my pouch ? How do I Farm and Trade?

– First , wear it from your inventory. ( dont change outfits without detaching , u might lose your products in your pouch )

– click on the pouch and u will see a menu

– Menu options;

Inventory : selecting this , it shows whats in your pouch.

Save : u can use this button when u have a chest also, to store your inventory. U dont need it for trading and farming. This chest can be bought seperate. This buttons saves only one product .

Save all : this button saves all whats inside your pouch into a chest ( again u dont need this for farming and trading)

Eat : for example u have fish in your pouch : and u wear your Unity meter ( also available at the docks ) : chose eat , fill in whats needed , and your health in the meter and stamina will rise.

Use: this is a very important button 🙂 .. example : you collected grapes and u brought them to a wine press : the wine press will ask for ingredients if u click on it : chose your use button to put in ingredients. Same for the oven , and the couldron

Give : this one u use to give a person goods or money : example : the navy ask u tax in florens : click the pouch ,, select ” give ” and the amount of florens u need to pay. It will ask for the name of the person u are giving the florens.

Using the pouch in farming

When u walk around the island u will discover u can collect items ; walk to the fields ( of course, wear your pouch ) and stand close to it : click on the plants and hey… your pouch will tell you you collected ( lets say ) corn. Now thats cool !!! Click on the animals u see , the roots u find , the honey, the apples , the chicken.. and it will all be stored in your pouch.

Now… u will see also, the fields get empty and the grape vines disappear if you collected all . oh my…. how do we make the fields grow new crops ? Water the fields !! Find a well and collect water ! Return to the fields : click your pouch: and the USE button and water your fields. Its like magic, the plants will grow step by step and if your a little bit patient u will have soon new crops to collect.

Fish and other animals : u will find out some animals disappear when u took them . Thats realistic and it will avoid people to load hundreds of fishes in their pouches , as we know fish needs to breed till we have new fish again.

Dont forget to visit the apothecary at the west side of the island: you will find lots of ingredients to make food and potions.

For your understanding , the pouch is only a tool to record what u collected in numbers . IT WONT GIVE THE PRODUCTS AS OBJECTS . U use the pouch to collect , give , use (cook brew)  You will only get objects if you find a market stand or a store , where u can pay with florens and a rezzable object will be given to you.

Using the pouch in cooking and brewing

If u make a lovely walk over the island , u will see a Dutch Windmill, and a cheese farm. Inside the Mill u find : oven , cauldron , wine press .. and more tools. Click on them or on parts of them and they will tell you what u need to put in to make the machinery work. The use button of your pouch will give the ingredients.

How do I know what ingredients I need for the product?

Have a look, in the cheese farm and the mill you see recipes are to find there and it will give you a notecard with the ingredients you need to..for example .. bake bread, make meals , wine , potions or flour.

At this stage you are able to make your own food, or collect things for eating or giving it to others . But we all know the Dutch love gold coins and money in their pockets, they love trading and are even prepared to confront the navy if its about money and trading. Yes.. u can make money too. This is step two.

How do I earn money with my collected products ?

A logical spot for trading is a market , right ? So we walk to the harbor and watch what s to find over there . Hey… one stand u will see a lady in a blue dress and she is guarding some barrels with names on it, and hey.. the barrels say : wool… honey… flour… fish … apples …. i suppose thats what de lady wants to buy :))
U make sure you collect these items. Stand close to the barrels, click on them and u will find out how much fish or apples etc.. u need to pay. Click your pouch , and the USE button .. and u will pay the things asked. And…. yes…. it will give you a …. pay pouch !! It will be in your inventory. Wow.. u earned money!
We want the money in our pouch so, what we do now is REZZ YOUR PAY POUCH , then click on it and u will see the coins ( florens ) will go into your pouch. Congrats !!

How do I buy objects in the market or the little store at the docks ?

Now we have a sour back of collecting all the crops and chasing sheep and chicken , we want to be rewarded for our activities. We want wealth and status and show off with our coins 🙂 Shop until we drop !! At the harbor you will find a store, called ” Sinkel”  where u can pay with florens . Go inside and click the things u see there , and they will tell you how much florens you need to pay. Again… click ur pouch, and the USE button and pay. Hey… look what happens, you will be given an object in your inventory . And yes , you can rezz that in your house, garden, store , where ever u need it. U can buy food, tools, furniture , and if u wish , an exclusive rental on the Zaanse Schans sim.

Where can I find all the rare ingredients on the recipes ?

Yes the cows are easy to find as well as the sheep. But here are other things too, like roots and plants. Honesty , due to my drinking problem, i forgot myself where they are , i need to search myself :)) .. You will see there are caves on the island too, and i think there are things in there too to find . Some people say i hide my gold pouches there too, but no one ever found them and well , i dont know either where i put my gold.

I have loads of money.. can i trade with other communities ?

Yes. You can. The following sims are having this same trading and farming system: ( and they might have other products to collect )

– Port Celyddon ( IM Melanie Auxifur )

( use your search option button in your viewer to find the location) Useful LM to fly over immediately : Zaanse Schans

I wish you all happy farming and trading .

Pricelist for trading  ( c = copper B= brass s= silver g= gold )