Events Calender

22 dec 12.30 PM   Melanie Auxifur’s musical event with christmas music at Port Celyddon


Thursday 1.30 PM IWT euro battle 

Commander Ballyrae Hanly will BC a two round FFA starting at 1.30 PM

Tuesday 4.00 PM IWT & Friday 4.00 PM IWT   

Sailing battles organized by both Continentals  and Black Powder sea captains.

Choice of events subject will be spontaneous just before starting the battle.  All you need to know will be announced in Black Powder battle chat ( please join the group )

Battle Coardinators : Modee Parlez , Trouble Mooncurser, Tony Falcon.

Gathering points:    TP TO BATENBURG

Daily between  1PM or 2 PM  IWT

Impromtu sailing battles: sailors meet spontaniously and fight FFA’s or other games. If you drop in there is a big chance some people are willing to spar with you.


Weekly days at  1.00  PM :  Batenburg RAT HUNT ( will be announced in Black Powder battle group )

Hunters gather at Batenburgs docks. Every player needs to wear the SPD meter, and carries a so called ” blunderbuss” pistol. Both are provided at the docks. The story behind this event:  the city of Batenburg is suffering from a horrible rat plague and the hunters will get rewarded with gold and silver florets by the city council.

The game : Rats are running through the streets! They show a number above their little rat heads , and when they get shot, the number lowers down and finally its killed.  Hunters need to shoot as many rats as they can: during the battle u get notified who wins a coin: the one who kills the most rats , has the biggest chance to win coins. Hunters can shoot each other too: if you get shot , you are allowed to say in open chat /1limp, so you heal step be step .. this gives hunters the oppertunity to give opponents a hard time.

Amongst the rats is one “killer rat ” , it will attack the hunters,  but it can be killed too.

Number one wins a gold pay pouch, number two wins a silver pay pouch. Every month a ” golden rat award” is given to the hunter who won the most hunts of the month.

Game rounds are 15 minutes.

Saturday 2 PM BLACK POWDER CHAOS FFA ( or very often daily 1 PM or 2pm impromptu) 

Give your  weekend a great start with an exiting sailing battle!

FFA means free for all: all types ( brands ) of SPD ships are allowed as long as they are mid-class.. see below :

allowed ships in this class:

– Sloop 6 guns 8 HP 9 meter min hull size
– Brigantine 10 guns 28 HP 19 meter min hull size
– Xebec 12 guns 23 HP 20 meter min hull size
– Junk 11 guns 25 HP 21 meter min hull size

The game:  players rezz their ships on strategical spots in the Black Powder area. Collision off. When all captains are rezzed the battle coordinator ask players to say READY in battle chat. All ready: battle on ! All captains try to sink all the other ships, last surviving captain is the winner. There will be two rounds if people have a bit time.. so two winners!

Battle rules:

  • minimaps are allowed
  • collision off
  • no editing of ships during battle
  • no spd meter required
  • no mines
  • no rerezzing, no depots during battle ( except allowed by the BC )
  • not allowed to moor or lower sails
  • depots can be used only to repair in between rounds
  • funny remarks in battle chat encouraged: complaints about ANY ISSUES only to the battle coordinator. Using battle chat to disturb the battle will lead to disqualification ,   and so does cheating.


– Market at Port Celyddon:  ( on request , please IM miss Melanie Auxifur ) 

On Tuesday 4th October. Celyddon will be holding its first ‘Market Day’ for trading using the Unity/UES meter and pouch and also there will opportunities for roleplay and combat for those that want it. With UES you can buy food, provisions and luxuries. There are recipes for cooking and you can grow crops and keep animals for foodstuffs, but then its perhaps just making your fortune and trade or plunder that your interested in.

The event starts at 12:30 pm IWT for traders to gather start early trading. It would be a good idea to arrive at this time it you have not used the UES system or Unity meter before. Free meters are available and UES pouches for your roleplay coins and goods. Celyddon uses 3 different coins, Gold Crowns, Silver Shillings and Copper Pennies (1 Gold Crown = 20 Silver Shillings and 1 Silver Shilling = 20 Copper Pennies). There will be a one time gift of 3 Silver Shillings and 20 Copper Pennies for those that ask for it to get you started but after that your expected to make your fortune by selling, working or stealing.

From 1 pm IWT the serious horse trading begins. There will be opportunity to auction off your goods or strike one to one deals. If you have goods, nows your opportunity to sell them and obtain coins. Your prices are up to you and who’s coins you accept. Haggling is encouraged and so that there is a market atmosphere please use local chat not IMs. Its fine to go to a corner and whisper if you want. Watch out some may try to pass you worthless goods or pay with coins that have no value. In trade reputation is everything! Actual combat at the market is forbidden, there are to many guards for that. There will be vendors to purchase goods but you are advised to make deals with others or bid at an auction for much better deals.

At 2:30 pm IWT the market will close. You can leave (tp away) with your goods or if your into naval combat sail away back to your home port, you are no longer under the protection of Port Celyddon and its guards and there may be pirates. If they sink your ship you have to pay 2 silver shillings to the ship that sunk you. The Celyddon navy will do its best to protect you, but its a big sea!

Port Celyddon is 17th/18th Century themed ‘The Age of Sail’ you don’t need to roleplay but please respect anyone that is taking part in a roleplay and wear clothes of the period. Use SPD Sailing ships if you want to join in the combat.

Ballyrae Hanly
Commander Port Celyddon