The little city of Batenburg looks like a typical 17 th century medieval Dutch city. A roman church, surrounded by little houses, some are shops , some are private houses. Players can live for free in a little house ( 100 prims max ) and can decorate a little garden.

See this video recorded at Batenburg : Skating contest @ Batenburg


The city of Batenburg

The shops in town:

Bridget Jennings shipyard:  TELEPORT NOW

Selling several ships and other nautical stuff; see the next video: Statenjacht Amsterdam.. to get an impression of one of the ships and how sailing works in InWorldz. Here u can buy also SPD scripted ships , see slideshow below. Builder: Trouble Mooncurser, scripters: Bridget Jennings and Christine Nyn.

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Trouble! All from Holland!

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All houses displayed on the BPS sims are for sale in this shop.  TELEPORT NOW

Nana Womens clothes: Viktoria 1Dreams is the shop owner.

Most famous is the city of Batenburg for its rat plagues. Every week hunters gather in the city , and hunt the evil rats. The city council gives the winners pouches with gold and silver florens.

Its nice to walk in the streets, sit in the little parks and see if there is anyone home to have a chat with!