Balvenie Bay


Balvenie is an island in the middle of IW ocean, bordering Port Celyddon.

On the island is only one little fishermans house, a rebuilt still existing Dutch house from Rottum ( Groningen) , decorated with the 16 th century Delft fireplace, and themed furniture. The little island is a hideout for smugglers and a strategic good place to observe the Celyddon Navy activities.


Rottumer fishermans house


There are several fields for farming , a well and sheep, and other valuables for farmers and traders to find. Strictly forbidden to fish on tuna..

On the east side of the island , connected with a bridge , you will find Balvenie Castle. This is the home of the nobles , their gathering for meetings, balls , and it offers all you need for the early Victorian role play.

balvenie castle.png

Balvenie Castle