Amstel Harbor & Batavia Wharf


Amstel Harbor

A typical example of old Dutch channel houses, and exploring the city will give you the feeling you walk in a 17 th century Amsterdam . Have a look at the pics below.


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Wat is there to see and play?

HUNT ! someone had to deliver 5 gift packages to a citizen, but they were delivered on wrong places, and now the owner needs help to find them back. Find the 5 boxes and IM the sim owner whats in the box: as a reward u will receive 500 izzies  ( all the gift boxes give u a nice gift ).

Cafe ” De Bolle “ , typical Dutch pub , free drinks if you dance on the bar. Single and couple dances. Party’s on request.

Museum: watch a video about the Golden Age, watching 17 th century art gives an insight in daily life in the Golden Age, the sea Battles and trade and travels.

For the ones who like to see the video here on line, please use this link : Golden age in the Netherlands ( 70 minutes of fine Dutch art illustrating more then 100 years history)

Doctors house : Miss Sea Pearl ( IM her when you need her ) provides medical examinations and treatments when needed. She is a specialist in treatment of Plague infected and the so called ” Green Disease ” Hospital beds are there too.

Orphans house.. for all who need food and shelter. Impression of the 17 th century care for the poor and the orphans.

Tourist office , all information about the BPS sims. Maps , events, and boat tours.

Harbor services: we buy cargo’s , load your ships and store your goods.

A.S Kissack estate agency: for houses, bungalows, land, businesses for sale and also furnished houses to let. The old Batenburg houses are for sale there, and : PRIZE OF THE DAY CONTEST BOARD: every two weeks a new prize for people who visit and enter the competition. 

Shops.. antiques, one Izzie prized antique paintings.

Batavia Wharf

Exposition and docks for the 17th century VOC ship ‘ Batavia. History of the ship, and all about sailing battles in InWorldz.  This ship has been built for the virtual world and about to be released ( scripter Christine Nyn) . Read all about the VOC Batavia History
Historical buildings like ” de Waag ” from Alkmaar and Amsterdam channel houses
With credits to Rig Torok for pics

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