Welcome aboard!

Watch  IW NEWS EPISODE 10  to watch interview about the sims


Black Powder Sea & Continental Seas area is a group of lovely islands, surrounded by a lot of open sea. The area is made primary for sailing, sailing battles, piracy RP (role-play), and all buildings are themed in the 17 th or 18 th century. This virtual world can be found in InWorldz, where people create their own environment to play in.

So much to explore and play at the sims!

  • Sailing battles (watch video to see a battle)
  • Step in the world of the Golden Age of Sail in different parts of the world: North America, Azores, North Africa, and Europe.
  • Music events and dances
  • Trading, farming and mining ( Unity system)
  • Meet smugglers and navy, pirates, corsairs, wenches and mers!
  • Enjoy roleplaying.  ( read all about Piracy Role play)

Black Powder & Continental Seas have their own economy, using role play money (florens) . When u are a new player , you can earn your florens with farming, trading and mining, and with your earned money u can buy all you need for a living.

Learn all about the farming & trading system , click this link.

kaart BPS & conti nov 2017

On the map above , you can see all the names of the islands. Every island has another theme and offers visitors a lot to explore. In between the islands are a couple of open ocean sims, lots of open sea to sail, connected to all IW oceans and IDI welcome centre.  The top menu of this page will bring you to all locations.

Enjoy your travels!